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So on Sims it was my toddlers birthday so when it went to blow out it’s candles the whole house turned into this never ending fire. During the fire people got burnt to death, people died of old age, the Grim Reaper decided that he was going to come back later cos of the fire, people started shrivelling to death which is something I’ve never seen. Whenever the fire stopped it would pretty much just respawn. The teenage daughter “expired” cos she got burnt but I quickly rescued her. Also note how the TV needs to repair, and I have an infant who is starving in her crib upstairs who is on the verge of being taken by the social worker. Oh and it seems as though the mother is inspired to have a 6th child. As you can see three sims are singed. I don’t know what to do this fire won’t stop
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The front of my Studio Ghibli sleeve - finally coming alive piece by piece! Done by the incredible Rich at Ravenskin tattoo shop - Isle of Wight, England
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My naked Sims Costume at Comicon! Not a meme but I thought you all would appreciate it :)
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I ran out to grab some food for lunch, leaving Penny out of her crate and the door to the sun porch open thinking she might like to sit on the chair and look out the window.  This is what I found when I came home.  Still not sure how she managed to get up there.
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This is Oliver. It took him a while to get the hang of his new bed.
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Mistress Chief by Lewis Terry.
Available to buy as a print! Click here for more info.
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Someone….. anyone explain how it works… Like… how to find other rp blogs, how to start a rp…. Things like that, because I really wanna start rping on here, I just have no idea how… ;A;
[mod note: All you have to do is make a blog for your character and talk to other rp characters. Same as any other medium. But for time reason, tumblr is the one that people ask about.]
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It’s still open, guys! Submit more entries!
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My first hipster graphic, I’ve never felt so pretentious in my life.

Omg I’m laughing so hard
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